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Esophageal Spasm - is climate eg uk or australia any benefit or effect please?

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Stephen Treloar 16 May 2015

I really doubt it a lot.

Stephen Treloar 17 May 2015

I also have no way of knowing. I'm Australian and have lived in the UK (Can't go to the US without signing away all legal and constitutional rights). I get esophageal spasms. I thought everyone was like that. The sensation that you are choking on a square piece of wood is a panicky sensation at best

louisebrenton 17 May 2015

Hi thanks for your reply... do you feel that the spasms were worse or better or the same in oz please

Stephen Treloar 18 May 2015

They have been getting worse year by year but that might be just my being hyper vigilant. I try to be careful swallowing but that doesn't work. I really have no idea about climate except that I believe it unlikely

louisebrenton 18 May 2015

thanks stephen free discount card

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