... relates to my other disease or if its strictly a throat problem. What happens is: on a regular day my GERD is always at least an 8, on a scale from 1 to 10. I try to eat mild non spicy foods all day long. For example, mornings I stick to cereal. For lunch,
I try to eat yogurts that contain high amounts of protein. Lastly, for dinner's I usually eat foods that are baked. I also stay away from saturated foods. Now you would think those changes and GERD meds would keep a lid on my esophageal problems, wouldn't you? Well its anything but under control.
Usually what happens is I get this hot hot fire down my throat and torwards the back of my throat. The saliva in my mouth seems to triple. I know this because I'm constantly swallowing huge amount of saliva. While this scenario is going on I'm suffering from continual burning in my mouth my throat and my esophagus. Has anybody else experience anything like this? And if so how did you treat it? Finally, my GP and a gastrointestinal doctor want to do an endoscopy, however I'm afraid of what they might find?
If there's anyone out there suffering from: something remotely similar I'd love to hear from you and I whould lile to know what medications have work for you. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me?