Hi am am 60 previously been treated with anti depressants 35 years ago with postnatal depression then prementral syndrome I was on Prozac for that this year just after
.christmas I had a breakdown through work place stress I thought it was due to hormone imbalance being post menopausal doctor put me on Prozac but then changed to escitralpramHi I have been on escitralpram for coming up to 7 weeks now insomnia being the side effect the doctor started me off with 5 mg then week later upped to 10mg last week phoned doc to ask if it would be better at night as I am not sleeping he said it did not matter said maybe need to up the dose to 20mg each time I have increase in dose symptoms of nausea and yawning lethargy heightened anxiety.is this the norm and when can I expect more improvement sorry for being impatient it is soo painful at times