Hi there! About 4 days ago I started taking 20mg Fluoxetine, but had an extremely sharp headache up until yesterday. I called my doctor and she prescribed me 10mg Escitalopram, which I took for the first time this morning. I took it at 8am, started feeling nauseous around 10am, and now at 1pm I have a warm sensation and tingling throughout my whole body (mainly on my left side). It gave me somewhat of a panic attack (which is why I’m taking it in the first place) so I called my pharmacist to which she giggled and said the warm sensation and tingling is a common side effect. I’m also starting to get a headache and slight numbness in my face. Does anyone have experience with these symptoms? My doctor and pharmacist both said this is a safe drug and these side effects are normal, but I’ve always been absolutely terrified of taking medication so I’m looking for some support and/or reassurance. Thank you for listening!