I am a 21 y/o female interested in stopping my medication usage. Due to a tragedy in my life my doctor put me originally on sertraline, and after about a year of that I switched to escitalopram (the sertraline gave me awful heartburn). It has been two years since the event and I am doing well and would prefer to not be on medication. Previous to the event I never had any depression or anxiety issues. My doctor agreed with me going off it, and lowered my dosage to prepare me to go off of the medcines, I am just seeking some extra advice.

Going onto the sertraline/escitalopram I experienced 0 side effects with the exception of the heartburn mentioned. Started with 20 mg dose of the escitalopram and am now down to 10mg, which I have been on for about a month. Had no issues with the lowering of the dose. Am just curious as to where to go from here as my doctor did not say anything. Would it be best to break my pills in half and go down to 5mg (they are designed for being snapped in half), taken that for a time period (how long?), or to start taking them every other day ? I was worried every other day would provide my body with a inconsistent dose of the drug? Is there another way?

I know my body has adjusted to having serotonin provided so I want to do this in a way that makes the transition easy as possible.

Thanks in advance!