Hello all,

For as long as I can remember I have always had some form or other of OCD. Whether it was rituals before a big game as I was always a competitive athlete or touching, counting etc. That being said, all of those issues never really interfered with my life or cause me much distress. More recently I have as odd as it may sound been having issues with seeing my nose (no it is not big :) ) when reading or trying to converse with someone and it is driving me "nuts" I realize that the more I attempt to rid myself of this peculiar obsession the more I give it life or validity. I recently took the plunge and spoke to my family physician and was prescribed Cipralex. Just completed first week at 5mg and started 10 today. I guess I have 2 questions..
How long before noticing any benefit from the med?
Does anyone here have any feedback or advice on my particular situation?
Thank you all so much in advance!