I took MDMA (150mg) almost 3 months ago and it worsened my anxiety/panic/worry (due to college pressure). also felt derealization
I went to a psychiatrist. I was prescribed 5mg escitalopram, 0.125mg Xanax 3x a day, and propranolol 3x10mg.
I started to feel better but anxiety/depression came back when I decided to study again and catch up what I have missed.
Psychiatrist told me to take 10mg escitalopram and 4x 0.125mg Xanax and 3x 10mg propranolol and take a 2-3 week break, which I did (it was Christmas break)
2 weeks on the 10mg escitalopram, felt alright, and stopped taking Xanax and propranolol as I wants anxious.
Suddenly, 4-5 days before I had to go back to college, I started to feel depressed, sluggish, crying regularly, not looking forward to anything, anxious very worried but no heart palpitations.
Feel a little better at night but horrible during the day, especially when waking up.
Why have I started to feel this way 2 weeks after taking the 10mg dose? Is it because I realized I was going back to college/study/pressure soon? Or is it the 10mg dose?
3 days ago I reduced the 10mg to 5mg, then for 2 days I didn't take anything, and then today I took 5mg
unable to study and feel micro-moments of feeling like I'm not myself.
I don't know if I should stop taking escitalopram, take 5mg only, ween off it, or keep taking 10 mg?
My doctor told me to add mirtazapine as well when I told him about this sudden worsening of depression and worry. Don't know if its the right thing to do?
Starting to think that the MDMA and then antidepressants are going to make me depressed worried for life?