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Escitalopram - difficulty in waking, returning to sleep despite alarms?

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kaismama 10 Oct 2014

Are you saying its from the med? If so when are you taking it? The whole time I was working I had to keep the alarm across the room, so I had to get out of bed to turn it off. Then I was out of bed.

bornloser 11 Oct 2014

Thanks for answering kaismama. I take the Lexapro late in the morning, once I am finally out of bed. I've tried your trick of having the alarm on the other side of the room, but I still sleep or doze through it -kind of like in a twilight zone. I am not aware of it enough to respond. It eventually stops and I continue to sleep. Because I am retired and live alone, I am left to my own devices. I have had to alter my lifestyle and 'start my day' later than I have ever had to in the past. Anything important or necessary has to be in the afternoon. I have tried adjusting the time I go to bed, but that made next to no difference. I even sleep with my curtains and blinds open to let the daylight in as early as possible. A dog would make sure I woke to attend to it, but I am in a retirement village and not allowed to have one here. Anyone have any suggestions or experiences that may help??? free discount card

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