I have been diagnosed with GAD and Panic Attacks and I currently take klonopin 1mg morning and 1mg at night .My doctor wants me to take escitalopram 10mgs but every time I read about the side effects I really freak out ..My bp goes up because of my anxiety but when I'm relaxed it goes back down like yesterday 129/97/My other doctor gave me Zoloft 100mgs at one point and I had the most horrible side effects and with being said I'm pretty terrified of being on this Lexapro 10mgs - I worry that it will make me go E.R or some terrible side effect and if my doctor is not around what will I do ? I was told to maybe start at half a pill a day or night for about 5 days and then bump it up to 10mgs ..Wouldn't it be better to just take 5mgs a day to see how my body reacts ??/what is your opinion and I feel so scared the doctor says just take it it will be OK but not that easy to do ?