Alright, this is tough. I suffer from anxiety. I have a few things going on in my personal life that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Ugly divorce, high-stress job, financial stress galore, AND perhaps the biggest is BDD(body dismorphic disorder), specifically PDD(penile dismorphic disorder).

I had went to the doctor three days ago for a specific reason - acute seminal vesiculitis. Not prostate related. Basically caused by too much sex. Anyway. We also talked about all my stress factors. I did not know that I suffered from PDD until the next day. PDD is like anorexia, but instead of feeling that your body is fat, you feel like you penis is inadequate. Don’t laugh, this is a very serious disease, and it has effected me my whole life. I know it sounds ridiculous but I happened across it, and just KNEW. It WAS me, exactly me. Took the only clinical test and I’m as bad as it gets for this. It consumes me everyday. There is another, what would nothing for most, factor in the PDD that is a benign skin condition(fordyce spots). This, along with other factors, have made the PDD a life-consuming issue, albeit NOT a daily issue..

Here’s where the big trouble comes. While stressed, I don’t feel suicidal thoughts, and generally I feel like I have my stuff together and questioned whether I needed to be on meds. The PDD affects me specifically in first encounters with females(avoidance/anxiety), with feeling sexually adequate, and any exposure(dr/urologist/etc).

Here’s where the problem comes. And this all happened in the last 3 days. I went to the dr for a “guy issue”, it was an issue that’s was caused by sex. It involved the seminal tract and is easily curable. While at the doctor, touching on the anxiety, but mentioning all the factors except the PDD(which I didn’t even know what it was at the time - I just came across the emotional revelation and just the knowing has already changed my life. Just knowing a huge factor in nearly getting over it overnight. Finding out that my skin condition was nothing big at all and nothing serious at all has also been a huge revelation).

So at the dr, I’m prescribed escitalopram for my anxiety/depression, I word that because I know many ppl do, but honestly me anxiety is far worse than the nearly non-existent depression. Anyway. Two days into taking the medication I have two major side effects. One is ringing in my ears. Two, my penis is dead. Like ED dead. Another smaller issue is I just don’t feel right. The ED effects, for a guy with PDD is not good. I will not take this medication. If ED is a problem with this medication, that problem alone for a guy with serious PDD is a nightmare to imagine. Help. Will I suffer from withdrawals after taking just two days worth(10mg)? That’s all you wanna know. Because if this is a side effect I will deal with, considering the PDD, then it will be far worse than any withdrawals. It would consume me. Help.