I'd like to learn about your experiences with antidepressant use in elderly who has several other comorbidities and already on multiple medications.

My grandma, 86, COPD, bronchiectasis, atrial fibrillation, glaucoma, recent hospitalization in ICU (intubated) due to pneumonia and respiratory failure. She's now about to recover from the infection. At first her perception of surroundings, her orientation were questionable (delirium?) but after a few days she started to understand that she's sick and she's in hospital, doctors and nurses come and go etc. However, I'm afraid on one hand delirium passes but on the other hand depression begins. Her affect is blunted, almost stopped talking to us as she was doing before. Sleep is intermittent, sometimes bored of Bpap application.

I wonder if - for example - 5 mg escitalopram may do some good for us or any antidepressant would just complicate the things more with adverse effects such as sedation, dizziness, anticholinergic effects etc?