Over Christmas last year I was struck down with a nasty flu-like illness which left me with a nasty cough and a query chest infection.

While I only used the drug for 2 days, as I suffered crippling stomach pain which caused me to collapse. After this I called my GP who told me NOT to take it again. During the two days I was using it, I also suffered violent nausea, but I was unable to vomit, I would just retch, hunger even after eating, but if I ate it felt like I'd eaten 50 hot shards of glass, my stomach would endlessly rumble even after eating and I passed wind through both ends NONE STOP. This was so embarrassing I was unable to leave the house at one point.

The erythromycin also made me feel very depressed and low, I was unable to sleep and if I did, I would have very vivid dreams about death, dead bodies and rotting flesh, so nice when you already feel constantly sick.

It is now July, I took this drug in December 2009, and I am still suffering some of these effects. Some days I feel very sick for no reason, or feel sick with some cramping after meals. I suffer from terrible trapped wind, which results in embarrasment once it becomes untrapped. I suffer flatulence so bad you'd think I was a big fat man living off cheeseburgers, or had consumed copious amounts of baked beans topped off with chilli & onions. I can do it none stop, specialy after eating, and if I don't 'let it out' it builds up & causes me splitting cramps in my abdomen, which often cause me to cry out.

This drug has ruined my body and my life, nothing I try seems to quell the continuing effects of it. I am getting married next month and I would be mortified if I was hit with an attack of flatulence at the altar. What do I do? I'll be eating after at the reception, and as soon as I have a meal, I start blowing off like a whale in a brass band, sorry it sounds funny, but really, it isn't.

I have to avoid anything 'farty' like eggs, beans, onions, hot & spicy foods, if curry etc. This does not stop my problems, but it lessens their effects to a degree.

I'm doing everything I can to help my stomach get back to normal, including drinking a probiotic, and avoiding carbonated drinks etc. However, this problem is really getting me down, I am also suffering from diarrhea, and frequent stomach upsets following using this drug.

If you are prescribed this drug AVOID AVOID AVOID, or at least quiz your doctor for ALL he details, and if it is possible, USE AN ALTERNATIVE ANTIBIOTIC.