I am 23 years old and for the last 2 or so years have been having some serious ED issues. The first incident was with a long time friend, I will admit I was very nervous, it took about 30 minutes of trying and trying, gaining and losing an erection and finally I was able to get and maintain an erection for about 2 hours. Everything seemed normal and I thought of this as just a fluke. This was the beginning of the end. At the time I had 2 other sexual partners and had zero issues. This has led me to believe my problem may be psychological. I am fairly active, in good shape, was having very regular sex (2 or more times a day), and the thought of having issues in the bedroom had never crossed my mind. After this first incident it started happening again and again but only during attempts at intercourse. Masturbation was still not an issue. After a few more months of not being able to achieve an erection or only a partial erection my confidence obviously plummeted. It got to the point where I started losing interest in even attempting to have sex. After a while I noticed the ED was also affecting masturbation which was a real shock. Now about 2 years later I finally decided to seek counsel from my doctor. I had all the blood work done. No STDs, hormone levels were all good. I've been working out and losing weight thinking maybe I had gotten a little too out of shape and perhaps that was a cause but nothing seems to help. My doctor prescribed me with Viagra which i've only tried twice now. I attempted masturbation with Viagra and only saw small improvements. Now let me add that throughout these 2 years there has been many times where I will achieve a full erection and maintain it without issue but I have been unable to do so during actual intercourse. I've only noticed that my "random" erections are scarce now. I don't usually wake up with an erection like I used to anymore. Whats really confusing to me is how one day ill be able to masturbate and be 100% then just 24 hours later I can hardly get it to go up at all and if I do I have to try very hard and even then it wont last very long. So bloodwork is good, diet is good, physical activity level is good. The only 2 suspicions I have right now is stress, around the time of the initial incident I was under very high stress dealing with family issues and the stress level I would say is still at the same level. My second suspicion is cigarettes. I started smoking at 17, 2 packs a day. But in the last year or so I have cut back dramatically to maybe half a pack a day. My alcohol intake is very low and I only go out drinking on the rare occasion. I know the first instinct is to say cigarettes are the culprit but I still dont see how at such a young age and not having been smoking for very many years this could be affecting me already. I'm leaning more towards stress but that itself also seems hard to understand because I have had a high stress job and pace of life for years before this issue started. So, in closing, the last 2 years I don't think I have been able to achieve a single full, proper, lasting erection during intercourse. About 10% of the time during masturbation I can achieve full erection. There doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with me. Also, i'm not sure if my sex drive has dropped because of my ED or if i've been experiencing ED because of a lost sex drive. I'm leaning towards the first because obviously this impotence issue does not make me want to even try to have sex too often.