... me being pinned between my car and a cement median barrier on the highway (my car was hit by a semi, while i was outside my car fixin a flat), anyways I suffered catastrophic injuries to the lower part of my body, my legs were so crushed that they had to amputate at the knees. My pelvis had to be put together with titanium, luckily I didn't lose my penis, however I did have a tear through my anus and whatever caused that tear also went so deep that it cut through my urethra, the part that's inside you're body not in your penis. I had to get a urethraplasty and now I can urinate properly, with a little leakeage. But the worst is that I can't get a full erection. at first it felt like it was completely dead and now a year later I can get sum stiffness but not enough for sex, I can however still orgasm. I just wish I could have the penis I had 2 years ago. Ive tried different strengths of viagra and that didn't work. Cialis worked to get it a bit harder but not enough for full intercourse, and it's really expensive. So right now I dont know where to go to from here I dont want the implant, I heard something about an injection you could give yourself prior to sex but I dont know the name of it. By the way, I also take hydromorphone, lyrica, methadone, gabapentin, lorazepam, wellbutrin, baclofen, and just switched from effexor xr to cymbalta. Sorry for the long question but Do you have any suggestions please? I'm trying to keep my baby-mama happy, but I know shes gonna blow if she doesn't get hers soon. Please any suggestions on meds to try to drop or change incase they affect each other negatively, or on wat to try next, options, anything is appreciated.