Hi, if there is a professional who could help me with this I'd appreciate it, a lot! In a nutshell, husband has erectile dysfunction. Also diabetes, which is the reason for the ED. Was injecting which was very expensive, but did work. He decided no more sex, too expensive. Didn't tell me though. So naturally as time went by and no intimacy at all I got upset. When I asked about it, an argument followed. We're ok now, but he said he told me there wouldn't be any more sex because he told me it was expensive, so I was supposed to have known. I didn't. Anyway, since that conversation he is looking at porn online, a LOT. I haven't told him I know about that. Its obvious though, closed door & he's not too smart at hiding where he's been online. So, I feel ugly, and completely unsexy all over again. Seeing as there was a big argument when I first broached the no sex issue, any ideas? There is no substitute intimacy either, its a quick kiss when he leaves for work and that's as close as we get these days. I love him madly, and quite honestly would just like some passion, a passionate kiss at least but there's nothing any more. Help?