I did not know what to expect. I want to say that i was terrorized by this stuff. I thought i was also dead the doctor said i kept asking if i was dead, my experience was so bad that i truly think i need counseling. I need to talk to people that has had the same experiences that i did, i need to try to figure out what all happened. I know now that i was hallucinating all this but in my mind it seemed so real. I had an out of body experience for 1 1/2 hours. I hope i never get ketamine again. I went through stages as the drug was administered, I went to what they call the k-hole this is when you are out of body. I felt i couldn't breath or move. I was looking out at a room that was total white and had warped walls. I kept trying to talk but nothing would come out. I have read other posts about this drug and everybody goes through the same thing, basically, it's hard to explain all that i felt but when i have a clear mind i am going to write a detailed post about everything i went through.