No stones, given baclofen, for supposed back-muscle pain. Sat. around 1 pm became violently ill. Vomiting several times the same way(more than ever before in my life,no exaggeration) was fine,(almost)'till Monday 11/17/14. Was fine when I left dialysis. Had a couple small burgers from Wendys, it's now 5:40 pm Monday, having harder to breath than normal symptoms (nothing serious I don't think), checked BP was normal 154/64. No symptoms 'till 15 min.after eating burgers, no chest pain,never was a smoker. I was speaking with my wife from another room,somewhat loudly,I noticed my breathing was labored,(this is something I have never experienced before also) never had any MSG issues before,don't know if they use it.The issue has subsided a small bit since speaking with my wife earlier. I read a small amount about vomiting and respiration. I realize this is not medical advice or any type of prognosis, just somewhat befuddled with what I am facing hear. I do think it's an idea of what COPD people face. Almost forgot 56yr old male,diabetic(controlled),high BP(controlled) :) :)Thanks John M.