I have read many people's attempts to answer this, but no one seems to completely answer my question. I have been on Hydrocodone for many years for chronic pain from Scoliosis and Osteoarthritis in my neck, low back, hips, and hands. It is getting to the point that I have to walk with a walker all the time now. Due to the Scoliosis, my left hip is about 4" higher than my right hip, and I tend to lean to the left now when I am sitting or walking. I have been taking four (4) 10 mg Hydrocodone each day for a long time, and was on Tramadol until recently (2 tablets 3 times per day). The doctor gave my Oxycontin ER, but it didn't do anything. So he has increased the Hydrocodone to 6 per day. I asked him about the Oxymorphone or Oxycodone, and he just brushed me off. I also have a lot of muscle spasms due to the Scoliosis pulling my muscles all to pieces.

What I want to know is the millegram equivalent between a 10 mg. Hydrocodone and a 10 mg. Oxycodone. Does anyone know? The 50 mg. Tramadol is equal to a 5 mg. Hydrocodone. So what is the equivalent to a 10 mg. Hydrocodone if you switch to Oxycodone?