I looked in the search window, but no good info - just made me confused, coz they lumped a bunch of stuff together.
A Dr. told me that when my tongue "gets fat" and I have difficulty speaking (effort-wise) and I sound blotto - that is EPS. On the downside - if it is EPS, my throat could swell shut. Since then I have regularly been taking Inderal and Benedryl.
Well, I have been getting it a lot these days, despite the drugs. My anti-psychotic is Geodon 160mg/day.
So, I was wondering if anyone gets this symptom and what their Dr. told them about it.
I do have some Tardive Dyskinesia, which, I guess is somehow related (I rock slightly, side-to-side, when standing, and inside my mouth, I twirl my tongue).
I have tried pretty much every other anti-psychotic, with worse results - unless something new came out in the last two years.

Thanks in advance for all your accumulated wisdom,