I've went through a battery of tests and changed multiple medicines trying to stop this discomfort (feels like the inside of my mouth is wrinkly) I never once suspected topical creams I used back then (as it went away) But now, I've had a recurrence of Phimosis and started to use Loprox and Lotrisone as recommended by my Urologist to take care of the issue and lo and behold I'm having the swelling and mouth discomfort again. It doesn't affect my eating or breathing, just a little discomfort with that wrinkly feeling on the flesh inside my mouth. The creams really allay the problem with Phimosis and I just have to follow up with them once a week or so to get continued relief. The Phimosis condition went away for almost a year, as did the mouth problem, then when I began to have symptoms again I re-started the creams and I realized where the original mouth discomfort came from (I've had NO other changes in ANYTHING) As long as I can live with the occasional discomfort in my mouth, is there any issue I should be concerned with using these creams. I've used them for 3 or 4 years and was just able to stop using them for almost a year, until recently.