... seemed to disappear as he became an a adult. Six months ago ,during a nap, his wife said he woke up, walked to the kitchen, fell down and began a grad mal seizure. Thus wife was scared to death. Over the next month he repeatedly had grandkids mal seizures until they found the right combo of meds for him. He also has full blown anxiety one a s well as depression. His job's 6 years a 're told hi I'm they cannot accommodate him to return in any composite. He has been cLinging lawyers and no one will help him.I don't know whAt to tell h I'm to do, or who to call. He's in Ms. I thought about disability, but that takes forever. The worries are mounting him and he's always on guys a rd for another seizure. I need some reassuring words, and to know the true connection between anXiety and having a seizure. Thank you