I NEED HELP? I have a plethora of back and neck problems! I have three herniated disc in my neck, two bulging disc in Lumbar, two fractures in the thoracic (The curvature in this area caused scoliosis), spinal stenosis, cord compression, pinched nerves, damage nerves, et al. I receive injections in my neck, and nerve blocks in my lumbar. I WAS CURIOUS IS EPIDURALS AND NERVE BLOCKS THE SAME THING? And if anyone knows, please advise me on any injections they do in the thoracic area. I've been very apprehensive about any injections in the thoracic area; As I have a concern about an injection puncturing my heart. Any and all feedback is appreciated. And I am so thankful that I found this support group. As it has been very helpful to me thus far.