I'm a 14 year-old with mild acne on my cheeks and scarring as well. I've only just started using Epiduo, and I'm wondering whether the drug will cause my acne to worsen.
I know that some acne medication actually causes a flare-up, before it starts to heal, and these things take time. However, I would like to know when this flare-up will occur--how long into the process of using Epiduo--because I've only got 2 weeks until I've got a big dance competition, and I'd like to maintain as clear of a face onstage as possible, without using make-up.
So in your experience, or a friend's or family member's, how long did Epiduo cause your acne to flare up/worsen? And about how many days/weeks of application after the flare-up before the acne finally settled down?
Thank you for taking your time to answer. :)