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I've been on Epclusa for a week in a half is it to soon to say I feel better?

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Stephen Treloar 13 Oct 2017

That sounds like the placebo effect at work. Some people feel better after 2-3 months but I doubt your brain is that in tune with your liver which is currently under load from the medication.

my2dogsandme 6 Feb 2018

That's good information, never gave that a thought.
I have had a few headaches lately, maybe meds are catching up to me. If this stays like this though I believe I can deal with this unlike the Rivovion and Peg I was taking in 2008 - that was like being in Hell.

Cool1957 6 Feb 2018

I have been on treatment for exactly 8 days and after the first pill it seems like my brain fog completely left the building I'm thinking so much clearer now. I no longer can feel my liver every morning when I woke up I couldn't lay on the side of my body that my liver was on because it hurt too bad all of my liver pain is gone I don't think all of that in my head I think that's what happened in my body I feel so much better my energy level is up way up I didn't even know I had brain fog and no energy until I took this pill. Luckily no side effects I drink a lot of water and I eat really well. :-) free discount card

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