can you go from 9mg a day for two months and quit totally if you want ; have people done that? can you go from on and of skip a day back and forth... i was on 9 for 2mth helped then seemed to present side sores in mouth so i went to 2 a day then quick skip a day and then off then i felt tired etc so i went back on to 3 a day for 2 days and now on 2 a day an staying on that for some time but would like to go to 1 a day since sores in mouth... any suggestioins? thanks btw crohns disease 38 yrs 4 bowel resection and two fistualas and a stricture and low blood counts down to 6.7 and iron transfusions required... like to get as low as possible will 1 a day work enough to be safe?