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Can I have an enigma if I think I have a bowel blockage?

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kaismama 1 May 2014

Why do you think you have a blockage? If you have a blockage with stool you can try an enema, but generally they work better if you take a laxative the night before.
But I'd really like to know why you think its a blockage so I know what to tell you. What are you symptoms.

Cool our 1 May 2014

Well. I MAYBE go once every 10 days or so. And when I do, I have a very hard time. Its so big, I think I'm having a baby from the wrong end. I've been taking stool softeners, citracal, over the counter lax, and don't work unless I take six and not two. Still, I only go very little. I eat very good and the top of my stomach is protruding. This has been going on about a year. Thankyou so much for responding. The Dr. just prescribed me an enima, but she is not my regular dr

Cool our 2 May 2014

Are you still with me? Maybe I should go to the gastrologist?

mike947140 16 Oct 2014

Did you ever find anything that helped? I now have the same problem. I'm 43. I take pain pills so I was thinking that might be it. It hurts really bad. free discount card

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