Can anyone relate or explain/ reasure to me about a constant and recent/awful /reoccurring mind / body reaction that is recent to me . ( pertaining to effexor )

In the past three weeks i am hit with almost complete inner fear ( no rational reason ). And an inner skakiness . Panic even !its almost 24/7 ?
I am reducing my effexor by 5mg after 32 days at 140mg / to 135 mg today.
( i am going slooooow)
This " level of fear / anxiety and panic increase is new to me. my trusted doctor is baffled. My psychitrist ) said thats not possible bc i should be off effexor and the so called withdrawals " im dramatizing .
Ive felt this heigtened ( fear / panic / anxiety for about a month . Effexor was not changed . I have added legal cbd and the lowest thc 4.9% ( in a pill form . 3 capsuals a day ). Day two of cbd/ thc. I find im still : shaky " the dr ( cbd/thc dr). . Stated i need to try it for five days to see if the cbd thing helps . Is 5 days a reasonable time . ? Plus. ( would the little thc be adding fuel to my current moment . ). Or should one stop the 5 day experiment / stay healthy and just keep reducing effexor ( i am trying the cbd/ low thc bc of the " paralyzing fear issues " .
What are / is anyones experience or educated views on my message / questions ?

So. I ask the wisdom of this group fir advice / opinions .
Thank you