I had a severe case of graves and the doc decided to radiate my thyroid. Had I known what I do now, I never would have agreed. That was 10years ago and im still not balanced out. Ive gained roughly 50pounds and nomatter what I do, can I loose it. They currently have me at 350mcg. Im finally a little better but still out of balance. Last winter it came down again only this time my testosterone bottomed out also. Its supposed to be at roughly 360-390ng I believe and was down to 25. If you reshearch the problem and go to the doc with questions they are almost offended that you question them and act like your telling them how to do their job. This has happend with more than one Dr. What do you do? Im sick and tired of living like this. And family, work, ect. dont understand what its like to have hypothyroid and get really frustrated with ya. I have just lost a job due directly to this issue. Please help