I'm reading the reviews and one minute feel so much hope and the next minute feeling scared and hopeless. I've been suffering with this mean disease since 1994, it has gotten much worse to the point I am on short term disability. My fatigue and pain is terrible. I tried steroids once and I thought I had my life back. that didn't last. Now doctors are taking me off Effexor and putting me on Savella. I know everyone relates different to medication but have the majority of the people taking this drug have energy where they can lead a normal life and does the nausea last if you take the medication with food? For all of you who have gotten relief, I'm so happy for you. no one understands unless they are living with this. It is definitely difficult when you are married to someone who is very active and I just can't keep up. It's a disappointment for him and disappointment for me in two ways (my health and the lack of support/understanding..i'm missing out too.) Has anyone experienced alot of weight gain with Savella?