Im 22 year olds, 5ft2, 125lbs, no children. I recently had the mirena coil fitted, and it hurt like HELL! On first attempt it became dislodged so my gp had to make a second attempt at fitting it, with a local gel anaesthetic. 2nd attempt was successful though it left me very woozy and nauseas, the pain was almost unbearable. I got home and went straight to bed, 6 hours+ of awful cramping. I feel quite bloated atm, and Im really worried after reading all of these negative comments. Im an absolute fitness freak and would hate to gain 10lbs, nevermind 10kilos.. Ive had endometriosis for quite a long time, very heavy, very painful, long periods. After trying a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, the implanon, several types of pills, Im beginning to fear that this may be my last try at living a normal life. Can anyone please give me some info on the mirena if you have/have had endo? Anything at all would put my mind at rest right now... Thanks ladies!