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Are endocet 10-325 strong enough to releave pain after L4&L5 fusion surgery?

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kwm46201 20 Feb 2012

After my L5-S1 discectomy and spinal shaving, nothing relieved my pain. Percocets, neurontin, and morhpine did nothing for the pain. Good luck. I hope your pain management is listening to you unlike mine. Remember you can always fire your pain management doctor and find another one. Just be sure to read your medical records from your current pain management doctor because this can affect how your next pain doctor will treat you. Good luck!

DzooBaby 20 Feb 2012

It might be adequate, it is hard to say. It depends on how much pain you have and how your tolerance is. I have known people who felt so much better after their back surgery that they didnt have to take anything and I've known of others who like the above poster, nothing helped them for the first few days. Just be sure to speak up to your Dr if your pain is not being relieved. I'm not sure that right after surgery is the best time to fire your pain Dr but that is your choice. free discount card

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