I also have RA neurapathy, fibromyagia. They feel since I am terminal and those meds they use for RA and fibromyalia will put me in complete iver failure. I recently woke up in ICU. My Kidneys failed too. No one knows why accept that my liver isnt functioning so mykidneys are taking a beating. They got me stable but my Dr feels it will hapen again. Im scared to death t take my meds now but Im also in such horrifc pain I feel I have no quality of ife if I cant take my meds. No one referred me to a kidney specialist after 2 weeks in ICU. They didnt really give me a reason why it happened and if it is going to happen again, but my pain Dr said w out dialysis it will happen again. Now he is stuck on what is safe to give me and there is such a problem getting opiates in my area due to all these knew laws from the DEA! Im on MS contin and dilauded. I am still having pretty serious flank pain where my kidneys are, so I do not know what I should or shouldnt take?