I have an appt on the 12th with my dr. But I'd still like some advice in the meantime. I take Wellbutrin, 300mg/day, and Klonopin, 3mg/day. The Klonopin USED to help me sleep. It doesn't help at all now; it's been this way for 1-2 months. I have major anxiety and depression and just began seeing a therapist. What are some options that will help me fall asleep and stay asleep? PLEASE help!!! I think I want to go off both of these meds and try other ones because I cannot go on like this. And try to function at work and in general. I have been pretty upset tonight over some things but even when I turn my brain off I still can't fall asleep. I took the Klonopin about 2 and a half hrs ago. I am going so crazy and I'm so mad. I feel hopeless and that I will never, ever sleep normally again. Nothing over the counter works for me and Ambien doesn't work either. I also do NOT have sleep apnea.