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I'm on enbrel and was wondering can I be around my child after she receives her live vaccine???

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srandjlsims 23 Aug 2013

I too am on Enbrel and am very worried about the same thing as my youngest grandson has to be vaccinated. It is on my list to ask the RA Dr next month on checkup. According to the Enbrel support, we should not be around those who have been vaccinated with a live virus, maybe there are ways around it.

Kelann813 23 Aug 2013

I spoke to her pediatrician about 5 pharmacist my rheumatologist and I also called the actual enbrel company.( just got off the phone ) they all said same thing there is no evidence or studies for patients on enbrel being around others who took like vaccines... they told me it would be ok and if there was a risk it would be so low ... but to just to be cautious for the 1st week. Like wash hands often don't contact there blood... avoid kissing etc... But again they said there have been no cases of secondary transmission I'm praying ill be ok as I am with her 24/7 the hardest part will be no kissing and cuddling for a week :(

srandjlsims 23 Aug 2013

I agree no cuddling would be unacceptable. The advice nurse at my Rheumy's office was not quite so upbeat though, I will make sure I get something concrete before vaccine time. free discount card

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