... bad skin rash, hives, redness really itchy and painful I call The program they said is a reaction to Enbrel but they don’t have a backup plan for this situation they advised me to stop using it and “They are really sorry about the inconvenience”,my doctor gave me Benadryl it seem to me was working and then November 8 I woke up really bad the allergy was worsening covering almost 80%of my body is painful itchy hives I googled and found out That day 12 that it was that day and day 16(which I’m terrify) a lady experience the same I would like to know if Any one else experience the same reaction if yes can you tell me what can I do ? Any idea how to treat it because the program they said they don’t and I’m the first one with this reaction to my doctor. If someone can help I will appreciate it. Thank you