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Enbrel has anyone had bad side effects? and how long before you felt it was working ?

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Retiredelfin 16 May 2013

Hi foxy5.
I had my first Enbrel (Sureclick 50 mg) injection on April 30th and then I did one at home on May 10th. My Rheumatologist wanted to space them that way as I am getting several cortisone blocks for other issues. I was fine with the first injection, no side effects at all, not even at the injection site, but after my second injection I got very light headed and had to lay on the floor. I really thought I was going to pass out. While injecting it did sting terrible but I may have hit a vein. That did pass but I still get that really light-headed sensation and my vision has gotten a tad blurrier. I am also on 8 mg Prednisone (weaning off of it), Sulfasalazine and Meloxicam. I have not been very good about taking my other meds (other than the Prednisone). I know that I am already getting relief from the RA pain (the swelling is still there) because in the past when I did not take the other meds I could barely function. free discount card

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