I have been taking 2 forms of Ritalin for the past 4 years, having a moderate case of ADHD which has affected me in my teens up to now, I am currently 18 years old. I went to a chiropractor recently and he recommended this supplement and I purchased it. I have noticed that I have become dependent on my medication and that after 4 years of taking it that it may be bringing out some negative side effects.

Can anybody tell me if this supplement is legitimate? I am very skeptical of it and I have just started taking it, it seems like it could work but I am not confident with it as it may not be as powerful as my regular medication, given that it isn't an over the counter product...

I could go and ask my doctor about this, but I am also concerned by the fact that my new doctor is more concerned about profit then health at the moment, so I am skeptical of approaching him about it, hence why I'm asking on here.

I have been diagnosed with 2 mental disorders, ADHD at a moderate level and OCD at a mild to moderate level. I used to take medication for my OCD but it was affecting my health so I discontinued that medication. I may have also developed some anxiety disorders, part of it possible stemming from my OCD. I feel that EMPowerplus may help with these other side effects.

For reference I take my regular medication 2 times a day, a 10mg short acting dose along with a 20mg long acting dose in the morning, and then another 10mg short acting dose after 4 to 6 hours.

So I am basically looking for answers to tell me if this supplement is a good replacement. I just don't know about this as a replacement and if I should see about replacement over the counter medication.