I am pretty sure my life style and haven't changed. I am getting more headaches than usual. I rarely get headaches. And, I am feeling depressed so much of the time. I haven't had the pleasure of the 'lift' from Suboxone the last few days, either.
I know I come here and talk about similar things, like how I feel (or don't feel) on the Suboxone.
Also, and this one is a serious one - I am getting cravings a lot. I'd say easy every day for the past couple of weeks. I'm not saying I am craving all day, every day, but, something has changed-and that's what I am looking at. WHY are things different. I've talked to some people, from here and not on the site here, and the conversation seems to roll around to spiking my dose up. I'm at 18mg. I have heard from others where they have found it necessary or helpful when they've spiked up their doses. Some of gone up a lot, some just added another 2mg., or even less.
I feel like I am fighting each day to stay 'happy', but every day I am feeling depression. What I was enjoying so much for the first few months on Suboxone was how I felt less depressed. It was like my a/d' (citalopram 20mg) was working with the Suboxone.
I am so totally confused. I want to cry, if I could, and I can't and that doesn't help at all!
help? ;-(