complains of mouth pain due to new dentures but dentures are 40 plus years old 89 years old woman has worn dentures for 50 years. No sores or misalignment of lower plate found by dentist. Mood swings crying, giggling, just wishing could die old enough to die angry with self can't do anything can't remember how.
Had right total hip replacement 05/17/10 due for cataract surgery right eye 09/29/10 then left eye 2 weeks later.
Was in nursing home rehabilitation five months following pyschiatric 7 day stay at generation facillity. Numerous antipyschotic, antidepression, aricept, cholesterol med. high blood pressure med., gout, thyroid med. multiple vitamin supplements was the regimend. She was left in wheel chair most of time, soiled thru clothing and bedding 2 - 3 times daily while in nursing home facillity numerous doctors, nurses, providing trial medications for irritability, pain, constipation, diarrhia, upset stomach.
I'm her daughter & POA have stayed with her in her home on FMLA from my job and family since August 1st thru October 4th return to work.
I have switched her doctor to mine more holistic care offers IV therapy detoxification, nutritional support, circulation enhancement. Determined cholesterol medicacation to raise good cholesterol unnecessary when over all profile normal, blood pressure medicine was discontinued range within reason, aricept discontinued been on it for 15 months beyond benefit for memory loss. Her current pharmacy mediations are Armour for thyroid, allopurinol for gout, trazadol for pain, tramadone for bedtime, OTC supplements muti-vitamin, krill oil, D3, COQ10, Magnesium, iron.
She walks with cane or walker, able to stand from setting position, not wetting the bed at night or during day, able to get to toilet most of time. Needs assistance showering, drying, grooming, getting dressed, mostly bra (had mastecomy right breast 30 years ago malignant fast growing tumor removed all glands right breast), depends, pants and socks and shoes.
This mouth and tongue movement began two weeks ago.