Hello all! I have been on Lexapro for almost 3 weeks not and slowly seeing positive improvements! My anxiety was heightened as I was getting used to the medication, but I am slowly getting past the symptoms. However, I do have Emetophobia. I always hated throwing up, but recently it has become this huge fear to me and I am not even sure why. I know if I v* I will feel better! I know it does not last long and is not a big deal. When someone mentions the stomach virus going around, I go into anxiety-panic mode. And this is lately, since my heightened anxiety with Lexapro. I was just wondering if anyone on Lexapro with Emetophobia has felt the medication decreasing the OCD thoughts about vomiting and getting the stomach flu??? I never used to be this anxious about it and I sometimes accept the fact that sometimes we get sick, but some days I cannot get over that obsessive thought of being afraid to v*.

If you have seen improvements with this phobia on Lexapro, please let me know, thank you!

(btw- not afraid of public places, bathrooms, buffets, and I do not excessively wash my hands, not a germaphobe, but just that intense fear of nausea and v*.)