Hi everyone. I am currently on my 12th day of 10mg of Lexapro. Experiencing the normal side effects (tired, dizzy, heightened anxiety, etc). I have been trying to research about my emetophobia. I have always hated throwing up, but just this year i have developed a deep fear from it ever since i got violently sick in Disney World back in January. (Even though it was from a mix of laxatives and antacids) I still was scarred and had anxiety for the rest of the trip, i did not eat dinner, and i lost ten pounds that week from lack of food and increase exercise walking around the parks. This is a trip i got engaged on and it saddens me that i had to deal with this fear and anxiety. I now refuse to drink alcohol and when i think about the times i threw up from drinking, i literally shudder and start to feel anxious and nauseous. I talk to my psychologist about this issue, but i feel as if her words are not too comforting. My fear itself comes from the fact of feeling nauseous and throwing up. its not due to an embarrassment of getting sick in public or anything, just the way it feels. i am deathly afraid of the stomach virus and i probably had it about 3 times in my life, but i have been looking up ways to prevent it and i feel that it is driving me crazy. My main question is, does anyone else deal with this TERRIBLE phobia? (totally rather be petrified of spiders or something) also, i want to see if any of you who have this fear take Lexapro and notice an improvement in their emetophobia fear? I read cases here and there about it helping people, but hearing it more and more helps me mentally.

Thank you.