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Emergency please ! Is teva-venlafaxine the same has act act venlafaxine?

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WildcatVet 26 Dec 2015

Hi, Samy! All venlafaxine generics MUST, by law, contain exactly the specified dosage of venlafaxine. The inert ingredients or fillers (lecithin, lactose, etc.) may vary somewhat but the drug is always exactly the same.
Hope this helps and please post again if it doesn't address your concern.
Best wishes, WCV

chuck1957 28 Dec 2015

Yes Samy; Just as Wildcat; has said I agree 100% all this is two different companies the drug is the same.

Ulalena 28 Dec 2015

I trust Teva . I work in the industry and I think Teva is one of the best Generic Manufactures

WildcatVet 28 Dec 2015

Teva is an Israeli firm with (typically) the highest standards in the industry.

Thor283 30 Dec 2015

Venlafaxine is the name of the medication. Teva is the name of a Pharmaceutical company. All the generics are supposed to do the same things. But I have found that especially with meds that effect the mind or feelings, different brands feel different.

Do you even know who was the manufacturer of the Venlafaxine you had before the Teva? You can use the pill identifier, on this site, to find who the maker of any pill is. But you must know what is written on the pill and sometimes you also need the color and the shape. free discount card

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