Im planning on going cold turkey from pain killers after a surgery this November. I have been doing much research and have decided on a plan of action. Cold turkey after a taper is the path i have chosen... My question is, does anyone know from experiance, if i was to take a dose of suboxone on day 3 or 4 of my w/d, would that prolong the w/d longer than if i didnt take the sub? I am planning on a miserable 7- 10 days based on the amounts and how long i have been using rx pain medication but if it gets so bad by day 3 or 4 and i can take a dose of sub to get some relief i would like to add that to my plan of action. Of course if it is going to prolong the detox it is not worth it , but i figured i would ask if anyone has tried it and if they seemed to think it prolonged w/d or not... I would hate to go through 3 days and then have to start over with day one ya know? Thanks in advance for any replies... Ive been asking alot of questions here and i dont want to get annoying, i just want to be as informed as possible.