... Plan-B one step? I weigh about 190 pounds. Had sex the day after I ovulated. Only sign of ovulation was when I had some sticky discharge when wiping, once. He did not pull out, nor was any sort of protection used, as we have been married for 6 years and have never really worried about it. It was a moment of foolishness. I took the Plan-B pill about an hour after. So far, only symptoms I have had is fatigue, a bit of bloating, and nausea the day of taking it. My only concern is that it may not work because of my weight. And if I had ovulated, the insert with Plan-B says that the pill will create an environment in the uterus that doesn't allow a fertilized egg to attach, so I'm just being hopeful now I suppose. Supposed to be getting my period in 8 days. We also have 3 young children, So haven't had to question my fertility, thus far.