Okay so I'm a female and I'm almost 18. I've been on Yaz for 8 months now and haven't really had any issues.

Although recently, I missed the first week of my Yaz medication but continued to take it as normal. So what would usually be a 4 week cycle will be a 5 week cycle. I've taken all subsequent pills on time and did not have unprotected sex until this week (the last week of medication).

I understand that Yaz inhibits the release of an egg during ovulation (when the medication is taken correctly) and know it changes cervical mucus to help prevent sperm from meeting the egg.

So my question is, if I missed taking the first week of my Yaz pills but continued to take the rest of the active pills on time, had unprotected sex in the 4th week of Yaz, should I still go get the emergency contraceptive pill??

Please answer legitimately as this is not a matter I take lightly.
Thank you xx