I missed an appointment due to no fault of my own. There has been lists of storms and flooding which left wv in a state of emergency. The only roads that travel to my doctor was closed. They said most of their doctors went on vacation and even though I have now found what should now be an open road there that they can't get me in for a month. That means a month with no meds ... No Embed a 60-2.5 and no Percocet 10 which I'm prescribed to take a half up to 4 times a day for brake threw pain. I feel like the meds just barely work when I do have them. Now with out them I feel like I'm dying. Is this the pain coming on full force and I'm sick or is this the beging of withdrawals and how long will it last and how can i ease it at home. Please help. I've been on meds for yes and have lots of health issues... Some of which the doctors are still testing and trying to medicate.