... days without letup) and my doc just started me on Viberzi. D-rea is gone, 2 days later! However, I take, fairly regularly, Flexeril and less so, Norco (formerly Vicodin). Is there anyone else who has to take all 3 of these meds? Who would also be able to share exeriences? I am 75 years old. Previously I was on Balsalazide, Bentyl and Lomotil but they failed to work anymore; prior to that I took Budesonide for several years and stopped when I found it had thinned my bones. To be honest I almost don't care what side effects Viberzi has; being caged at home due to d-rea is no way to live. A couple years back I didn't leave the apartment for nearly 2 years. Never want to repeat that. Three weeks was bad enough. So if Viberzi has side effects I don't really care. For someone who spends way too much time in the bathroom, constipation sounds like a good thing, really. As for as the 3-drug interactions (I also take Primidone) does anyone have any experience with this, or something similar?