I had some blood work done last week. The results showed I had a slightly elevated cholesterol level. The bad one, should read less than 3.5 and mine read 3.92. I never had elevated bad cholesterol. I've had elevated good never the bad one.

How bad is this? I know what my doctor said. He gave me a of foods which I should avoid and ones I to eat. I don't eat the bad stuff. Never really have. I'm not just into junk food.

The only place(s) I can see which might have something to do with this is the yogurt and peanut butter I eat every day. The p.b. is natural, no added sugar and salt. Pure peanuts. Also, because my appetite has not been great since on Suboxone I have been allowing myself the luxury of eating a high fat yogourt-7% to be exact. Something I would never be eating except I was to keep my weight from going down.

Will someone chime in and let me know how you feel. I am somewhat devastated. Well, not quite devastated, but disappointed big time.