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Elderly pts. who cant swallow Meds well, can we grinding it & mix it with yogurt&give it to them?or?

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Inactive 27 Jul 2011

Could you please provide the name of the medication in question?
That can truly make a difference on whether you can grind the medication up or not.
Thank you

Inactive 27 Jul 2011

If a medication is time released you cannot do this as it will all be delivered into their system at one time as in some pain prescriptions. There could be a deadly reaction in this case. You would be best to check with the pharmatist on this question. Some meds can be crushed or sprinkled onto applesauce to make it easier to take. Please do not do this without checking with the phamatist...

caringsonbj 28 Jul 2011

if it happens to be a pain medication maybe (they did for ahile) come in a liquid with a dropper but with other meds then that's another story, also another help may be to ask your pharmacist when you fill the script if it can be crished, broke or mixed in food or ask if he could suggest a better way in order to accomplish this, but you come back here just give the name of the medicine and we will be more than happy to help. free discount card

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