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Can an elderly person with Bi-Polar disorder also have ADHD?

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kaismama 27 Oct 2014

Any body could have anything. However I've never seen an elderly person diagnosed with adhd, and I've taken care of hundreds in my career. There are other things that it could be.

LaurieShay 28 Oct 2014

Quite simply, yes. While ADD or ADHD are considered more of a childhood problem these mental illness can be a problem in adulthood as well.

wpa1733 28 Oct 2014

Well, how do YOU define elderly? Is the 1956 in your account name indicate your DOB? Now ... I do not know if the cut-off for adults is 55, 60, 65, or whatever.
If you have this condition, work on it.
I got diagnosed when I was 53 and ONLY because I was working in a hospital and saw an email blast about a study of adults with ADDHD. I was very lucky. It also shows how inadequate our healthcare system is to diagnose these conditions OR how our systems want to make a profit by providing less care. I was at a HMO. So much for PCPs as gatekeepers ... they are restraints on trade.
BTW: A recent article in The Economist (maybe June 2014) revealed that an auto-immune link exists among MS, arthritis, ADDHD, schizophrenia, and Alzheimers. Researchers found 107 loci in the DNA (or RNA) chain. They do not know how these loci (not markers) work. Add a google alert for any of the above terms.

croftiee1982 14 Nov 2014

ADHD, Bipolar, Insomnia, & OCD are commonly diagnosed together. So, yes it is possible, especially since ADD or ADHD wasn't diagnosed 35(+) years ago very often if at all. I believe my parents referred to me as hyper, until my teenage years. I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist, treating bipolar & ADHD is a bit more complex than bipolar alone.

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